Snow White

Snow White, derived from parents strains Northern Lights and White Widow is a Indica dominant hybrid 65/35 with THC levels around 24%. There is no question that Snow White is one of the most beautiful marijuana plants. It is sea foam green in color with hairs that are orange and brown. Those hairs get brighter and more abundant in the weeks leading up to harvest time. The buds are candle shaped with a greasy feel to them. They are very fat to hold the crystals successfully. These plants also deliver a high quality and high quantity of crystals. Snow White is often used for medicinal purposes. This includes muscle spasms and severe cramping. It is sometimes used by those that suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. Cancer patients often use it to stimulate appetite and to offset the nausea from the medication. It can also be used to treat severe depression and high levels of stress or chronic anxiety.
This is a new stock of this strain that was previously on sale and is of greater quality than the last!

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