Rare Congolese


The Congolese is a rare sativa that roots come all the way from Africa. It’s been popularized in California and has been a favourite of people who love true Sativa’s. We are lucky in BC as this strain has been growing in the area for years now.

The reason it’s so rare is that the few growers in BC who cultivate the strain, usually end up having shatter made from it. You may have heard of the popular Congo shatter that is so famous with BC weed connoisseurs.

The high from this strain is really nice and upbeat. It’s got a nice mellow smoke that has hints of guava and kola nut, two stables of the Congo basin rainforest. You will start to feel that uplifting energy that is common amongst true Sativa’s come over you almost instantly after smoking.

This is a great daytime weed to smoke before work as it doesn’t leave you feeling all foggy like you get when smoking an Indica. It’s also great for the nighttime as well, as it leaves a feeling of relaxation of the mind and body.

THC 21-24%
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