Forbidden Fruit


Forbidden Fruit is a tempting and delectable indica cross between Cherry Pie and Tangie, two of the biggest names within craft cannabis circles and dispensaries this decade. Much like the actual forbidden apple of Eden, this strain received its’ namesake for its’ almost irresistible terpene profile and flavours. What makes Forbidden Fruit so spectacular is its’ soaring THC levels that are regularly found to be above 26%, with some variants or cuts reaching levels as high as 32%! Although it’s an indica, the high of Forbidden Fruit begins with cerebral effects that relax the mind and ease stress, before transitioning into a heavy-hitting couch-lock or a tranquilizing sedation. It’s great for ending your day or as an after dinner nightcap – take advantage of this indica’s potent effects and serene, relaxing high to help with pain, insomnia and fatigue. If Forbidden Fruit’s parentage of Cherry Pie and Tangie don’t give away it’s aroma and flavours, we’ll break it down for you. This exquisite indica is a fruity medley packed full of unique notes that consist of refreshing tart cherries, sour citrus and undertones of pungent, tropical fruits much like a hawaiian or fruit punch.

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