Crystal Coma by Elephantos


Crystal Coma by Elephantos is a hybrid strain hailing from Southern California, a region known for creating some of the most trendy and premium craft cannabis within the West Coast. This beauty has gained recognition for its uplifting high and clean flavours, winning many awards including 3rd Place at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup. While the lineage behind this strain is under much speculation, it is generally agreed upon that Crystal Coma was conceived as the result of crossing two legendary staple strains – the pungent Cheese and classic Skunk #1. The whopping 24% THC levels aren’t much of a surprise when you take a look at the notorious and potent genetics contained by Crystal Coma. As a sativa-dominant strain, the high is characterized as mainly cerebral, with uplifting bursts of euphoria and a pleasant creative buzz that is accompanied by a mellow, relaxing qualities. The aromas and flavours contained within Crystal Coma are bright, refreshing and unique. Complex notes of bright citrus and lemon contrast with a mildly earthy base that is further enhanced by undertones of pine and a sharp diesel.

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