Bubba OG by NorStar


Bubba OG by NorStar is an indica strain that was originally bred by Dr. GreenThumb Seeds from Canada. This cross between Ghost OG and Pre-98 Bubba Kush is used as for reliable pain alleviation and stress relief. The THC levels of this heavy-hitting indica sit at an imposing 15%-27%, which is much higher in comparison to most average strains. The effects of Bubba OG are fast-acting and quick-hitting and felt almost immediately after the first few puffs. Watch as your muscles relax and and your pain melts away while your mind drifts into a euphoric, dream-like state. Bubba OG is easily distingushed from many strains for its dank, in-your-face aroma. Heavy notes of a strong gas or diesel are accentuated by sweet and earthy undertones that are characteristic of many OG Kush related strains.

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