Agent Orange


Don’t be fooled – unlike what the name may hint to, the only deadly thing about Agent Orange is its’ long-lasting and captivating high. TGA Genetics created Agent Orange when they crossed their own distinguished in-house Jack the Ripper with Orange Velvet – the latter provided this strain with its signature citrus-dominant aroma and strong limonene terpene profile. This sativa-dominant hybrid contains THC levels that fluctuate between 15-20% and asides from its intriguing mosaic of flavours, Agent Orange is venerated for its’ classic stoner-movie type high and well-balanced effects that range from uplifting to therapeutically relaxing. This sativa-dominant hybrid makes for a great day-time strain – with its revitalizing and uplifting high, Agent Orange is the go-to choice for days where you want to get work done or finish up those chores but still have fun.

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