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is Dedicated to Linking you to the most reputable Canadian Cannabis Businesses, where you get not only the biggest BANG for your Buck or the best deals & discounts on the market but also have access to all the information we could collect about the products you desire and we update our site daily!

we will also be “weeding” out all the sites/dispensaries & products you should AVOID!


Cannabis has been a way of life for as long as I can remember, Personally I’ve been involved with Cannabis for 20 years. I still remember the time I took my very first puff of that sweet Herb that would ultimately become a HUGE part of my life (We’d love to hear your story, and share ours, click here)

Its amazing to be a part of and watch the Cannabis Industry evolve to what it is today but how do you keep up with rapid growth of an Industry said to grow bigger than alcohol & Tobacco combined in coming years.

I have spent years trying to keep up to date on the best strains and grow gear available, but it seemed by the time I got home and set up, a week later I would read about something newer & better on the market. Back then there was no big methods of online shopping or Networking or social media like there is now so why not take full advantage of it?

Why not combine them all and put years of research and personally testing products for everyone to access & compare reviews for themselves, then let’s take it one step further and see who else wants to share stories & reviews of their own





• Do you want to GET PAID to Test & write reviews of the BEST cannabis products on the market?

• We are looking to expand our team of cannabis enthusiasts who are interested in Getting HUGE “employee wholesale discounts” (ranging 10/50%) on hundreds of cannabis businesses Including & ESPECIALLY our huge selection of online dispensaries.

•when you register with Cannabizlinks.com it is all up to you how involved you want to be.        Our platform is based on Blogging reviews about Cannabis products, if someone happens to read your review and decides to purchase that product, you will RECEIVE a commission of the sale.

• Registering is easy just (click here) and enter your email and you will be sent a link, just fill out a couple quick questions briefly explaining your history/background in Cannabis. There is no right or wrong answers as we want to hear everyone’s opinions and reviews in all levels of cannabis users.