Seed germination:

  1. Use spring bottled water.
  2. Fill solo cups with 2″ of water
  3. Place seeds in cup/water for 18hr in a dark  open room. (Not in drawer or cupboard)
  4. Poke seeds every couple hours with finger to makes seeds sink to the bottom. (Some seeds will not sink,this is normal)
  5. After 18hr seeds will likely sprout a “tap root”
  6. Pour water/seeds into paper towel placed In tupperware & fold PT.
  7. Be sure to keep paper towel moist. (Not too wet and don’t let dry out.
  8. After a couple days the “tap root” will grow longer.
  9. When it’s about 1/2 or 3/4 inch long ,gently place in coco with root down. (make sure to have a tray with plastic clear dome & heating pad under a florescent light)
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